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How many Domains and Email Accounts do you need for Cold Emailing?

Later in this article, I will explain why you need multiple dedicated domains and email accounts for cold emailing.

For now, let’s look at the recommendations provided by Instantly (the email warmup email service we will use):

  1. The recommended number of emails you can send per day, per email account is 50
  2. If you want to send 1,000 emails per day, you will need 20 (1,000/50) email accounts
  3. It is recommended to create 3-5 email accounts per domain, which means for 20 email accounts you need about 4-7 domains

Lower end numbers are always safer (less likely to have issues), so I will use 3 email accounts per domain.

Therefore, the number of email accounts and domains required can be calculated with: • Number of required email accounts = Total number of emails to send per day / 50Number of required domains = Number of required email accounts / 3

In this article, I will use 2 domains, with 3 email accounts per domain. This will allow us to send:

  • 300 emails per day
  • 6,000 emails per 20 days (4 weeks, weekdays only)
  • 9,000 emails per 30 days

This is a good number to start with!