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How to Acquire Leads for Cold Email

Leads are the people you will be sending emails to.

For the highest engagement rate, you should send emails to a defined target audience - i.e. people who would be interested in your product.

If you're selling cakes, you might want to target people that meet some or all these criteria:

  • Job title of 'chef' or 'catering manager'
  • Companies with 100 - 999 staff
  • Located within your city/state/country
  • Revenue of at least $500,000

If you are emailing people in different time zones, I suggest you create relevant search queries where - e.g. West/Central/East USA, Europe, UK, India, etc. Then you can email people at appropriate times (not when they are likely to be asleep).

Sign up to the Leadhype Silver plan. Leadhype allow you to export a good number of contacts each day/month, plus they include data from LinkedIn.

Apollo and Lemlist are two other 'lead generation' providers that are worth considering, although they are more expensive.