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How to Set Up and Send Personalised Cold Emails that Convert, Using Instantly and OKZest

Note: You can download this guide as a PDF, or read it on this website.

Purpose of this Article

To explain the purpose of cold emailing and detail the steps required to set it up, including finding leads, sending personalised emails and A/B testing.

Topics Covered

This article will cover:

  • What is Cold Emailing?
  • What is Personalisation and why is it required?
  • How many domains and email accounts do you need for cold emailing?
  • An overview of the software and costs required to send cold emails
  • Purchase and configuration of domains
  • Purchase and configuration of email accounts
  • How to warm email accounts
  • How to acquire leads
  • How to validate leads
  • What content should be used in the emails
  • How to increase email engagement and click rates?

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