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An Overview of the Services and Costs Required to Send Cold Emails

In this section I will list the companies that we use at OKZest for sending cold emails. Other companies are available (and can be interchanged at any time), but this will give you a good starting point.

The suggested quantity and costs in this table are for someone starting with cold emailing. It allows for the sending of 300 emails per day. You can scale it up later, simply by adding more domains and email accounts.

The costs listed in this table are on pay monthly subscriptions, they are cheaper if you pay yearly.

ServiceDescriptionProviderSuggested QuantityCost (each)
DomainsDomains used specifically for cold emailingCloudflare2$9.15/year
Email accounts3-5 email accounts per domainGoogle Workspace6 (3 per domain)$6/month
Email account warm up serviceSends and receives generated emails, to imitate that your domains can be trustedInstantly1$97/month
Lead acquisition serviceObtain emails and personal information for a select group of peopleLeadhype1$97/month (might only need it once evey 6 months, it depends how many emails you send to each person)
Lead validation serviceChecks that the emails you have obtained are valid and unlikely to be rejectedBulk Email Checker1$9.95 to check 10,000 emails
Email templatesReview email subjects and content that has been proven to work for your nicheReview lotsFree
Image personalisation serviceIncrease recipient engagement, click-through rates and sales with personalised imagesOKZest1$47 for up to 10,000 generated images. 60 day money back guarantee